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Rebuilding Trust in a Relationship is much more about actions than words...

Lately, I've spoken with friends and clients who have shared their stories of betrayal with me. Many have been left questioning whether the trust can be regained/rebuilt in their relationship. That goes for whether they've experienced infidelity, an affair or betrayals of a different kind.

I have faith in people’s capacity to learn and grow through betrayal. I’ve witnessed couples become stronger, closer and more aligned through the process of unpacking betrayal, whether that be infidelity or something else. By being able to hold space for one another’s very real experience and pain, to hear one another’s feelings without needing to defend, blame or react... this is where the healing can begin.

Rebuilding trust takes time. It won’t be build overnight. It will need to happen in small steps. It’s much less about big gestures, and much more about following through on the little things, small commitments being consistently kept.

Genuine understanding of one's actions, remorse (and the ability to share that) and the willingness to make commitments and follow through are all key to rebuilding trust.

If you've experienced infidelity or broken trust in your relationship and would like some support in learning how to rebuild the trust between the two of you. Reach out to me today to book a free 15 minute consultation.

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