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Learn how Passion & Parenting can co-exist

Relationship conflict tends to increase significantly in the first year after baby arrives, sex and intimacy typically decline and communication often becomes more stressful. ​

It's no wonder, with the added stress of taking care of a baby, the compounding sleep deprivation and overload of information and advice that society tends to bombard us with.

Common complaints I hear in the first few years of parenting:

  • Arguments over Household Chores

  • Increased conflict

  • Feeling exhausted and having no energy left for the relationship

  • Mum feeling overwhelmed and alone​

  • Dad feeling left out and uncared for

  • Differences in parenting styles

  • Decline in Intimacy

  • Feeling misunderstood by each other

  • Frustration around roles and responsibilities

  • Loss of Identity 

These types of challenges are normal after having a baby!  It doesn't mean your relationship is in trouble, however being pro-active in learning how to manage these challenges when they arise will mean you are able to work through challenges faster and enjoy the transition into parenthood much more. This can have profoundly positive effects on not just your relationship but also your children's well-being. 

Through our sessions together you'll learn how to: 

  • Manage recurring fights so they don't escalate out of control

  • Strengthen your friendship 

  • Define Roles & Responsibilities so you can work well as a family unit

  • Deepen your understanding of one another & strengthen your connection

  • Build more connected relationships with your children

  • Increase your intimacy

  • Understand each others individual dreams for your family and create shared dreams & goals together

  • Discuss ideas around parenting styles and how to manage differences here

Work With Me: Service


I often hear expectant couples listing all the things that need to be prepared before a baby arrives... the nursery, baby clothes, preparing meals, the car seat, the pram, the hospital bag... however it's rare to hear couples discussing how they can prepare their relationship! It's the most forgotten, yet potentially the most important.

Through our coaching sessions together we'll work on:

  • Addressing your fears and concerns head on and putting in place strategies to help you overcome them and feel more confident entering parenthood.

  • How to ensure you each have time for yourselves and each other after baby arrives. 

  • How important it is to take care of one another alongside caring for the baby and what this can look like. 

  • Discussing ideas around parenting, parenting styles

  • Dreams and goals each of you has for your family.

Work With Me: Service


These sessions cover a range of circumstances. From Couples Coaching for Parents or Expectant Parents through to Co-Parenting Coaching for Separated parents. 



Weekly sessions each lasting between 60 and 70 minutes. In these weekly sessions we will identify and address the main areas of concern in your relationship. I follow the Gottman Method of relationship therapy where there are 3 clear phases:

Assessment / Planning & Goal / Treatment

The full course of these sessions can be anywhere between 6 and 12 sessions, depending on the current health of your relationship and your goals. 

$200 Per Session (60-70 Minutes)

Work With Me: Packages & Rates


It's always preferred that a couple attends sessions together. However this isn't always possible, or one partner may not feel ready or comfortable to attend coaching while the other is.

By having just one partner working on improving how they show up in the relationship, positive impacts are usually felt by both partners.


A commitment to Weekly Sessions each lasting 50 Minutes


 $150 Per Session 

Work With Me: Packages & Rates
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